Industrial software


Our main focus is on industrial (visualization) software. Dragon bits is a gold certified partner and a sub-contractor of ENisco GmbH and Eisenmann Corp. Our company provides services of following categories:
  • Analysis and consulting
  • Project management
  • Database design and architecture
  • Customer specific software design and development (MES - Manufacturing Execution System)
  • Graphics and visualization pictures (SCADA)
  • Integration with other software and hardware
  • Testing
  • Performance optimization
  • Reporting (OEE, KPI...)
  • Commissioning and implementation on site
  • Training
  • Translations (between Czech, German and English)
  • Support
All of our current solutions are based on E-MES software. Within the E-MES we provide:
  • All-inclusive E-MES setup for any factory (pictures, settings, customizations, database, installation, documentation...)
  • New E-MES Modules (such as Data correction, FIFO correction, archiving of structured data...)
  • Custom and specific implementations for end customers (Loading/Unloading Terminals, special screens, listings, reports...)

FINION -> E-MES migrations

FINION was a previous visualization system of the Eisenmann company. FINION has been discontinued in 2015 and it is not supported anymore. All the new solutions are based only on E-MES where the customers can benefit from modern visualization system and full support.

Dragon bits has over 10 years experience with FINION and we have been the first partners of ENisco that developed E-MES based solutions. Hence we are an exclusive partner for upgrade projects from FINION to the E-MES Next Generation.