Saturday, June 1, 2024
Complete digital tailored solution joining MES, ERP and SCADA features. Replacement of old FINION system with brand new version of E-MES and tight integration with Kentico intranet & other systems. E-MES delivers accurate production data to the paint shop and other divisions/departments via integration with ERP. Detail production data enables fast identification of potential issues during the production process and provides high transparency. Features like emergency loading/unloading, reapair store & multiple paint runs provide high flexibility for the production control. Features implemented:
- SCADA vizualization incl. material flow
- current/historical analog data
- various data corrections
- terminals: loading, unloading & quality assurance
- multiple paint runs (passes) with data aquisition for each run
- emergency loading & unloading
- repair store
- connection to internal order management system
- connection to internal DMS (document management system) for manuals and working instructions
- production data (carriers and parts on each carrier)
- production data synchronization to ERP
- personal responsibility and motivation system for workers
- various data-analytic features